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Social Seeding is a form of discussion seeding on social networks, also known as an online marketing and communication process by creating discussion topics to achieve a certain purpose (recognizing through views, interaction through the number of comments), related to brands & products. From there, it is possible to convey a more beneficial message for the business.

Social networks are the “secret” of marketers so they can implement marketing strategies. The vast majority of marketers choose social media channels to communicate their brands as well as promote products.

The biggest challenge here is how to “put” in the reader’s head information related to their brand.

Seeding method is the key for marketers to solve these problems.

Understanding why to use seeding will help you have a broader view of the appropriate application for your business.

The purposes can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • Attracting people, disseminating information, bringing information about products or services of the business to the recipient.
  • Encourage exchange, share and spread to create trust, increase awareness and transform into action.
  • Get to the top right away with simple keywords, attract traffic from google through topics that make the information spread well.
  • Create a source of quality and valuable backlinks as a resource for SEO work
  • Increase brand awareness, develop brand quickly.
  • Increase the ability to search for brands faster, simpler and more convenient.

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